The project is implemented by the Georgian Court Watch with the support of the USAID Rule of Law Program

Ana Nanava

Volunteer in Zugdidi court

Observing the trial was a very interesting experience. However, I expected more people to attend the proceedings. I am sure that more and more people will be interested in the work of the court and together we will be able to improve this system.

Rati Ramishvili


The project proposed by Georgian Court Watch is a step forward, because it makes the population more aware of how and under what conditions justice is carried out, and the interest in the court increases in the country. Participating in the project is very interesting, because I believe that every citizen should be personally involved in this project, we should try together to make a some kind contribution to the justice in the court.

Nino Aduashvili

Volunteer in Gori court

I think it is the duty of all citizens to contribute to the formation of a fair court and to change the court for the better with united effort.

Giorgi Tatanashvili

volunteer in Kareli, gori and khashuri courts

I am certain that the contribution of each volunteer will be important in the process of monitoring the court, because every citizen should understand his own role in the formation of a fair court.  A fair court implies a fair country. This project serves just that.

Ala Jabidze

volunteer in Rustavi Court

Whether we should trust the court or not, we find out only through
monitoring the processes. And if we do not trust, we must take action to change the reality in the judicial system.

Gocha Mzhavanadze

Volunteer in Batumi Court

I think that together we should create an independent judicial system, 
which will certainly ensure the country's development, economic well-being and establishment of a worthy place in the European family. Above all else, that's why I got involved in the monitoring project, thus making my modest contribution to the healthy court.

Tekla Murusidze

volunteer in rustavi court

The Georgian Court Watch is implementing a project that will greatly
contribute to the establishment of a fair, transparent court. I think that justice has always been and will always be paramount, it is necessary for each and every one of us to attach importance to the fact that with
unified involvement in the work of the court, small flaws that characterize the work of the judiciary today will be easily eliminated.

Tiko Davitadze

volunteer in batumi court

Human self-presentation refers to our efforts to control the impressions we leave on others. This project will allow us to provide a correct and fair
voice to the public so that they are more informed about the conduct of
court proceedings.

Mariam Maisuradze

volunteer in rustavi court

I think that the existence of a perfect court is a prerequisite for a strong state, which is the wish of every citizen. Our participation in the development of the court is truly a step forward, because no one can evaluate its justice better than the people who are the addressees of the decisions made during the process.

Khatia Noniashvili

volunteer in bolnisi and rustavi courts

Georgian Court Watch is implementing an outstanding project for the public, and its involvement shows how important it is for the court to be impartial and independent, since only such a court is a prerequisite and an important guarantee of judicial trust.

Nana Shurghaia

volunteer in mtskheta and rustavi courts

It is a good opportunity when you get involved in the court monitoring process and observe the events taking place in the court. With our active involvement, we will further improve the judicial system.

Nino Chomakhashvili

volunteer in rustavi court

I think that as many young people as possible should be involved in such projects, because the future of fair trial is in our hands.

Lazare Bokhochadze

volunteer in rustavi court

In my opinion, the court monitoring project is of great importance, since
it takes care of eliminating such non-legal problematic aspects, which often remain without attention, although they are a direct component of the court system and play a negative role in its effectiveness.

Mariam Beselia

volunteer in rustavi court

Practice helps us to see the advantages we have clearly, and with the help of this project, society has a chance to raise awareness about what is happening in reality and at what stage the court in Georgia is at today.

Diana Grigoriani

volunteer in rustavi court

Creating a fair court should be the central value and civic responsibility of each of us. It's time to all unite to improve the judicial system, which the project and volunteer monitoring will help us.

Davit Lomsadze

volunteer in rustavi court

With this project, each interested citizen can contribute to the improvement of the judicial system, and see its bad and good sides for themselves.

Natia Janezashvili

volunteer in gori and khashuri courts

Observation of court proceedings by citizens undoubtedly creates a real guarantee of the realization of the principle of universality, improvement of the Georgian judicial system and the discovery of shortcomings in the field of justice, as well as the establishment of a fair, impartial and transparent court, where, regardless of any obstacles, the rights of citizens guaranteed by legislation and their legitimate interests will be protected.

Nino Tsitsvidze

volunteer in Rustavi court

In my opinion, it is an intriguing challenge to see the judicial system through the eyes of a citizen because they observe the court proceedings the most objectively. That is why I believe the involvement of each citizen will contribute to the independence and impartiality of this system.

Khatia Mezvrishvili

volunteer in gori court

The presence of a fair court is one of the main attributes necessary for a democratic state, and the project of the Georgian Court Watch plays a prominent role in this.

Khatia Saltkhutsishvili

volunteer in rustavi court

Today, our country has dire need of a fair and case-oriented. I am happy to have the opportunity to help in a small way to conduct court activities better, which will show the public that the court is to be trusted.

Tamar Kvaratskhelia

volunteer in rustavi court

I believe this project and involvement in it are important because it will be a step toward a fair court.

Nini Mania

volunteer in mtskheta court

In Georgia, the independence of the judiciary and public trust is still a big challenge, so I believe implementing this project is crucial to eliminate the mentioned problems and to reduce the alienation between society and the court.

Nino Khutsishvili

volunteer in gurdjaani court

Thanks to this awesome project, and to these awesome people who contribute to this truly vital work. I am glad that I was in the right place at the right time, and together we will create a significant argumentative document on which future beneficial changes in the judicial system will be based. Thank you very much, everyone!

Bacho Tchankotadze

volunteer in kutaisi court

Everyone should be involved in court monitoring, especially students and young people who are interested in court proceedings.

Khatia Khabashvili

volunteer in gori court

I think it is very important to have an independent, impartial, and transparent judicial system in a democratic state. Each citizen, with our active involvement, can contribute to the improvement of the judicial system. The court monitoring project, which focuses on promoting the implementation of high-quality and impartial justice, really allows us to achieve the mentioned goal.

Temur Kopadze


Monitoring the judicial system, I think, is the responsibility of all members of society, because it is our active involvement that ensures the implementation of fast, efficient, and impartial justice.

Antony Afriamashvili

volunteer in rustavi court

Projects like this are a welcome change because through the Georgian Court Watch we are given the opportunity to attend court proceedings, gain experience and understand the circumstance under which justice is carried out.

Megi Tchezhia

Volunteer in zugdidi court

Observing the trial was a new challenge and, most importantly, a great experience.
I expected that the hall would be full during the trial, but I hope that in the future these empty spaces will be filled and together we will be able to build a strong judicial institution!

Mariam Lomauri

Volunteer in Rustavi Court

The concept of a fair trial includes not only the trial, but also the fair consideration of the case at all stages of the process. Impartiality and objectivity of the judiciary is very important for the democracy of the state. I am glad to be a part of such a project, because I believe that court monitoring will help us to find and eliminate the flaws that can be found in the Georgian court system today.

Keti Tandashvili

volunteer in gori court

For me, an independent, impartial and fair court means the right of every citizen to find justice. This is the way to Europe and we must all fight for it together.

Fair trial for everyone!