Georgian Court Watch responds to the interview of Levan Murusidze


On October 2022, 26, Judge member of the High Council of Justice Levan Murusidze spoke about the activities of the Georgian Court Watch, which concerns the monitoring of court processes by citizens, during an interview with the media. During the interview, he mentioned the monitoring of court processes carried out by volunteers of various professions of the Court Watch in a negative context.

First of all, we note that the possibility of citizens attending court proceedings is guaranteed by the Constitution of Georgia.

According to the Constitution of Georgia, the case will be considered at an open session. Consideration of a case at a closed session is allowed only in cases provided for by law. The court decision is announced publicly.” Article 62, paragraph 3 of the Constitution of Georgia.

The Court Watch believes that the right to attend court proceedings is a strong lever in the hands of the public to observe the activities of the judiciary. Open court proceedings are of fundamental importance, as the publicity of the processes ensures greater transparency of the judicial system and protects the interests of a democratic society. Citizens with different professions and experiences, as representatives of society, can exercise social control over the implementation of justice by being in the courtroom, as well as get acquainted with the work of courts in detail.

Volunteers of the Georgian Court Watch are observing the trials in more than 10 Courts (which we informed in advance), both in eastern and western Georgia. The wide involvement of the public in the monitoring process allows us to see the perspective of the citizens about the court proceedings. Therefore, we believe that the results of the monitoring will help the judicial system in its development since the elimination of problems in the judiciary does not always require legislative changes or financial investments. Often this requires a change in practice, which, based on the results of monitoring, can prove much more effective. In addition, monitoring of the court by citizens in the long term will help the court to gain public trust towards it. Furthermore, it should be noted that the existence of an independent, transparent, and accountable court in the country corresponds to the interest of every citizen.

The model of civil monitoring of trials is based on the experience of our partner Polish Organization Polish Court Watch.

Court Watch offers Levan Murusidze and other members of the High Council of Justice a meeting to introduce the methodology of civil monitoring of court processes in detail.

It should also be added that in early November 2022, Polish experts plan to visit Georgia, who have 10 years of experience in civil monitoring of court proceedings. In this case, we also express our readiness to ensure their meeting with the members of the High Council of justice, in case of their interest.

For more information on the civil monitoring of court processes, please see the monitoring report of the Georgian Court Watch on the Gori District Court.