Judicial Effectiveness Index



On October 5, 2023, the Georgian Court Watch held a presentation of the Judicial Effectiveness Index.

The Georgian Court Watch team, together with invited experts, developed a methodology for evaluating the effectiveness of the Georgian judiciary and conducted a study, based on which the effectiveness of the common courts was evaluated using a scoring system. The process of systematic assessment of courts included not only data collection through public information, but also visits to all courts in Georgia. Accordingly, Judicial Effectiveness Index for the year of 2023 rates at 30,70%. 

The Georgian Court Watch developed a tool to measure Judicial Effectiveness Index, through which the Judicial system of Georgia was evaluated based on 5 indicators and 45 sub-indicators:

  • Quality of the courts' websites;
  • Court building accessibility and service quality;
  • The effectiveness of case flow management;
  • Insurance of the efficient performance of the court human resources;
  • Transparency of the judiciary.

According to the study, the judicial system received the lowest assessment in the case flow management of 1.22%, and the highest - 31.42% in ensuring the effective work of the court's human resources.

As for the assessments of specific courts, the highest evaluation - 41.10% was received by the Rustavi City Court, and the lowest - 17.8% by the Gurjaani District Court.

Following the presentation, there was a question-and-answer session and discussion.

The Index was prepared within the framework of the project Judicial Effectivenes Index, which is implemented by the Georgian Court Watch with the financial support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Georgia.