Declaration of "political solidarity" of the parliamentary majority is an act directed against the independence of the judiciary


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On April 18, at the plenary session of the Parliament of Georgia, where the issue of creating a temporary investigative commission on the judiciary was discussed, the MPs of the parliamentary majority did not register before the vote, citing  "political solidarity" towards the judges as the reason. Therefore, due to the lack of a quorum, the vote failed.

It should be noted that the "act of political solidarity" of the parliamentary majority is an attempt to influence the judges politically. This demonstrates how important it is for the ruling political power to support and maintain the current "clan rule" in the judiciary. In addition, this step once again proves that it is not in the interest of the parliamentary majority members to correct the situation in the judicial system.

The initiative on the" establishment of a temporary investigative commission of the Parliament of Georgia to study corruption and other illegal actions in the judicial system of Georgia " was presented by the opposition MPs at the end of last year.

One of the grounds for the establishment of the commission is the interviews with former judges (Natia Kutateladze and Ana Ghelekva) published by the Georgian Court Watch last year, in which they openly talk about acute problems in the justice system; as well as public statements of Beso Alavidze, former judge of the Supreme Court.

The issue of creating an investigative commission has once again gained relevance after the US decided on April 5 of this year to sanction 4 judges (including one former).

We believe that due to the current situation in the system of ordinary courts of Georgia, it is important to create a temporary investigative commission to study issues related to corruption, nepotism, judicial appointments, distribution of cases, and institutional independence of individual judges and courts at the parliamentary level. At the same time, one of the preconditions for Georgia's integration into European structures is the implementation of judicial reform. However, the actions of the "Georgian Dream" do not serve to establish an independent, accountable, and impartial court.

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2022 September 14-the Georgian Court Watch published an interview with Ana Ghelekva, former judge of Kutaisi City Court, which later served as the basis for the statements of MPs and civil society.

2022 September 14-immediately after the publication of the interview in the legislative body, opposition lawmakers held a briefing on this issue. The MPs demanded the prosecutor's office respond to the case and launch an investigation.

2022 September 22-Civil Society released a statement.

On on September 14, as a result of an interview with former judge Ana Ghelekva, Ghelekva was questioned.