Russian Plane Does Not Lend Itself To EU


The decision by the Georgian authorities to allow direct flights between Tbilisi and Moscow is a deliberate act of sabotage against Georgia's aspirations for EU candidate status. The European Union has explicitly stated that flights to and from Russia are not permitted by its members and partners, and this action by the Georgian government raises concerns about Georgia's commitment to adhering to EU regulations in foreign policy, as stipulated in the Association Agreement.

Contrary to the will of 89% of the Georgian people and in conflict with Article 78 of the Georgian Constitution, the Georgian government continues to shift its foreign policy course. Prior to determining the candidate status for EU membership, such a demarche goes against the Georgian people’s foreign aspirations, which have provided benefits such as visa-free travel and direct flights with the EU, rather than Russia.

Our people are already experiencing adverse effects due to the government's foreign policy, resulting in a significant influx of Russian immigrants to Georgia. This has contributed to soaring prices, placing an additional financial strain on Georgian citizens.

We call on the Georgian government to halt actions that sabotage the attainment of EU candidate status and immediately reverse the decision to start direct flights with Russia. Continuing down this path will only further damage the interests of Georgia.