The appeal of civil society organizations to European Commissioner Varhelyi


To the European Commissioner for Neighbourhood Policy and

Expansion issues for Mr. Oliver Varhelyi

Mr. Oliver,

On June 23, 2022, the European Union decided to give Georgia a European perspective. This is an important stage in the country's accession to the European Union. At the same time, we realize that it is necessary to implement twelve recommendations given by the European Union to Georgia, which is a precondition for granting the country the status of a candidate for EU membership. One of these recommendations implies the involvement of civil society in the decision-making process at all levels.

As you know, Georgia has a strong civil society, which plays an extremely important role in the process of European integration of the country. Our main goal is to support Georgia's membership in the European Union and, accordingly, to obtain the status of an EU candidate. Civil society actively supervises the implementation of 12 recommendations by the government. We welcome the decision of the European Commission to prepare an interim assessment on the implementation of the recommendations in spring 2023. We believe that this will help Georgia and its partners to see at what stage the country is on the path to obtaining the candidate status.

Considering that part of civil society is involved in monitoring the implementation of the recommendations, we request that the interim assessment be made public and accessible to interested parties, including the country's civil society. Publicity of the interim assessment of the European Commission will ensure transparency of the process, enable active participation of civil society in it and significantly facilitate effective supervision over the implementation of priorities.


1. Open Society Foundation
2. Connection coating
3. Democracy Research Institute (DRI)
4. Governance monitoring Center (GMC)
5. Georgian reforms association (GRASS)
6. Georgian Young Lawyers ' Association (GYLA)
7. Center for social justice
8. Georgian Democracy Initiative (GDI)
9. Tbilisi pride
10. Georgian Court Watch
11. Transparency International Georgia
12. Green alternative
13. Eastern European Centre for multiparty democracy (EECMD)
14. Georgian foundation for Strategic and International Studies (GFSIS)
15. Center for Economic Policy Research (EPRC)
16. Fair elections (ISFED)
17. Europe Foundation