At 19:00, at the parliament - yes to Europe, not to Russian law!


For weeks, civil society has been explaining in detail why the Russian law is unconstitutional, the end of Georgian democracy, and deliberately damaging to the common national pursuit of integration into the European Union. However, no one could convince the public about the harmful consequences of the Russian law better than the government's statements yesterday.

The government has openly stated that by adopting the Russian law, they plan to start repression against the people. They declared their will for election rigging, censorship, and a Soviet-style totalitarian regime. They stated that they see the West as the enemy, and did not even mention our occupier, Russia, in this context. Everyone clearly understood that the purpose of the adoption of the Russian law is not the notorious "transparency", but the change of the country's foreign course and the completion of Russification.

Today, the government is taking another step to pass this anti-constitutional law and is planning a plenary discussion of the second reading of the Russian law.

Therefore, we, the members and citizens of the civil society of this country:

  • We will oppose the attempt to pass the law in the second reading and we will once again show the government that betraying the Russian constitution and rejecting the European Union will never be the choice of the Georgian people.
  • We call on the political parties to fulfill their duty to the people and to fight even more firmly in the parliament against the Russian law.
  • We call on everyone, every citizen of Georgia, for whom the independence of the country, the constitution and the European path of Georgia are important, to gather in front of the parliament at 19:00.

We will monitor the actions of the government and we will act in accordance with the current situation, in accordance to the declared will of the Georgian people and to return the country to the constitutional framework.

Yes to Europe!

No to the Russian law!