The term of office of the last judge appointed lifetime will expire after 30 years


Georgian Court Watch was interested in to study when the term of office of those judges who are appointed for life (up to the age of 65) expires.

Today, more than 80% of judges in Georgia are appointed for life:

  • According to current data, including the Supreme Court, there are a total of 334 judges, of which 277 are appointed for life.
  • The last of the judges appointed for lifetime  will expire after 30 years, in 2053.

Most likely, this period will be extended even more when the judges who are in the 3-year probation period will be gradually appointed for life.

The largest number of vacancies will appear after 16 years, as 24 judges, due to reaching the age of 65, will leave their positions.

We offer a list of judges, which includes the remaining terms until the expiration of the authority of judges appointed for life, both in the district (city) and appeals courts, as well as in the Supreme Court.

Author: Megi Shamatava, Salome Kvirikashvili