Statement of the NGOs


We, civil society organizations, call on the government:

  • Stop the use of violence and disproportionate force against the participants of peaceful civil protests who express the will of the whole society and oppose the adoption of Russian law;
  • Heed the calls of the international community, partners, and friends of Georgia, the civil society of Georgia, political parties, and the president of Georgia and withdraw the law.

We call on police officers - do not carry out illegal orders, do not attack people who are fighting peacefully and non-violently for the future of you and your children.

To the family members of police officers, their parents, children, and loved ones, please talk to them so that your family member or friend does not become an instrument of injustice and terror that will contribute to the destruction of your future and that of your children.

We are not afraid of raids. This country is ours. No matter how many times they shoot us with tear gas grenades or target us with water cannons, we will return and protest against the Russian law that violates the dignity of the parliament and the whole country.

Photo courtesy of Freedom Radio