Report on Kutaisi City and Appeal Courts

The Report on Kutaisi City and Appeal Courts includes the following issues: 

Independence Guarantees for Individual Judges: Assignment, Promotion and Secondment of Judges; Number of Judges and assignment of Judges in Kutaisi City and Appeal Courts; Secondment of a Judge; Appointment/promotion without Competition; Specialization of Judges Disciplinary Proceedings.

Court Efficiency Standard: The Rate of Considered Cases Within a Year in Kutaisi City Court and Delayed Cases; Optimal Number of Court Staff and Implementation of Administrative Functions of Court Chairpersons; Functions and Salary of the Office Staff; Salary; Job Description; Court Manager; Assistant to the Judge and Secretary of Court Session.

Transparency standards on the example of Kutaisi City Court: Information Posted on the Court Website; Availability of Court Decisions on the Website; Provision of Public Information. 

Attached file: