The Georgian Court Watch held a presentation of the report on Kutaisi city and appellate courts

On January 2023, 21, the director of the Georgian Court Watch, Nazi Janezashvili presented the report on Report on Kutaisi City and Appeal Courts.

This report has been financed by Europe Foundation through grant provided by the Danish International Development Agency (Danida). The views and opinions expressed in this report are those of the authors and should in no way be taken to represent those of Europe Foundation or Danida. Any mistakes or omissions are the responsibility of the author.

The publication includes the following issues: 

Independence Guarantees for Individual Judges: Assignment, Promotion and Secondment of Judges; Number of Judges and assignment of Judges in Kutaisi City and Appeal Courts; Secondment of a Judge; Appointment/promotion without Competition; Specialization of Judges Disciplinary Proceedings.

Court Efficiency Standard: The Rate of Considered Cases Within a Year in Kutaisi City Court and Delayed Cases; Optimal Number of Court Staff and Implementation of Administrative Functions of Court Chairpersons; Functions and Salary of the Office Staff; Salary; Job Description; Court Manager; Assistant to the Judge and Secretary of Court Session.

Transparency standards on the example of Kutaisi City Court: Information Posted on the Court Website; Availability of Court Decisions on the Website; Provision of Public Information.